Example Motorcycles, Anytown

Example Motorcycles

Tel: 1234 5679

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Monday - Saturday 8:00 - 18:00


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Unless your business needs a constantly changing website with multiple pages, this is an effective alternative to having your own website.

Please be aware that I am not claiming this option is the same as having your own website. It is merely an alternative.

Even if you do have your own website, having a listing in this directory could mean people finding you that might not have found your website otherwise.

Listings include:

Your own page within this directory.

One photograph and/or one business logo and up to 200* of your own words describing your business.

* The amount of words is only approximate. Don't worry if you go over by a few.

A good description of your business will help people to find you using the search tool in this directory.

If you do not have your own website....

By putting the URL of your directory page on your business card, you can consider the page as an extension to your business card, thus giving out more information for your business.

URL = Uniform Resource Locator (sometimes known as Universal Resource Locator) which is basically the address of a page on the internet.

However, your own domain name is useful to have as an extra to this page.

Your own domain could be forwarded to the URL of the directory page.

For example:

If your business was called Example Motorcycles......

Without your own domain name, the URL on your business card would read:


If you had your own domain name, eg, then we can redirect this to:

...but all you would need to put on your business card would be: 

If you wish to purchase your own domain name, please contact me for free advice.


If you would prefer your own domain name and website, I can provide a website with up to three pages, a domain name and hosting from just £125 per year.
This also includes a listing in this directory that links to your website.

I will build the website for you and, if you wish, can use your logo, photographs, etc. 

If you require more than three pages, we can discuss this.

Please send an e-mail with your contact details to if you wish to discuss this further.