Lakeland Motor Museum


Lakeland Motor Museum

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Lakeland Motor Museum
Old Blue Mill
Newby Bridge
LA12 8TA

015395 30400


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The Lakeland Motor Museum's excellent collection is housed on the site of what was once The Dolly Blue works in Backbarrow, Newby Bridge, where Ultramarine Blue pigment was produced and packaged.

The blue pigment was used in a variety of products such as laundry blue, washing powder, paint, make-up, inks, crayons and even sugar refining, amongst others.

The museum is a fascinating insight into Britain's transport history, as well as the history of the original site.

There are several motorcycles on display at the museum, and there is also a section devoted to the Isle of Man TT Races.

There is a separate building housing the Campbell Bluebird Exhibition, a very inspiring and emotional exhibit devoted to the lives of Malcolm and Donald Campbell. 


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